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Organic Transitioning

At Organic Garden Design, we know it is not easy to transition from standard gardening practices to the more healthful and cost effective tools of holistic land care. It can be particularly challenging during the early years of the process, when the natural ability of the soil to nourish and support itself is dormant as a result of excessive chemical treatments.

Organic Garden Design can support your choice to manage your land holistically with advice and education which will make your transition process shorter, more effective, and more rewarding.

Organic Transitioning picture

Botanic Sanctuaries

A dream that we share with many landowners is to have an unbroken chain of natural ecosystems which support native plants, insects, and animals of New England. Although you may only think of gardening in terms of your own property, it is, in fact part of a network of green space which supports a variety of plant and animal life.

Botanic Sactuaries picture