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An organic approach to garden care is more than simply avoiding pollutants. Organic ideology is part of an holistic approach to land care which protects species diversity, encourages functioning biosystems, and preserves the health of the lands and ecosystems we leave in our children's care. Organic gardening is about nurturing the land, the plants on it, and the people who use and enjoy them.

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Organic Garden Design & Bird of the Hand Farm are owned and operated by Cathy Harragian

Philosophy and Actions

Organic Garden Design can provide all of your landscaping needs such as mulching, edging, weeding, planting, designing, pruning, landscape renovation, and lawn care. Our goal is to help our clients reduce any exposure to chemicals from around their homes. We accomplish these goals for your home and landscape by using professional organic techniques. Chemicals that enter your home from your lawn due to regular walking traffic will be reduced. Your pet's exposure to chemicals from the lawn through the pads of their feet will be reduced. Chemicals percolating through the soil and into well water will be reduced. Water conservation can also be achieved through the reduced use of irrigation for a healthy lawn.

Another principle of organic landscaping is to plant the right plant in the right place. This refers to grass seed, perennials and shrubs. For lawns use endophytic enriched grass seed that has disease resistance. Plant shade seed in shaded areas and grass seed specifically for sun in sunny areas. Reduce lawn areas where they are not necessary. Plant perennials as a permanent mulch and give them plenty of space to fill up areas normally given to grass. Plant the right perennial in an area where you have a problem growing grass. Grass is a perennial for a cool wet climate so, for example, plant a self sustaining perennial bed with drought tolerant plants. In the case of shrubs don't plant large growing shrubs right up near the foundation of a home, as constant high pruning costs a lot and shortens the life of expensive woody plantings.

Organic Garden Design's approach to land management provides our clients with an interesting, low maintenance, self sustaining landscape. Our method incorporates these design principles gradually, working with the client to solve landscape problems over time with reduced overhead. These activities build the health of the soil as it reduces chemical applications to your yard, resulting in the increase of its natural beauty. Contact us today, we look forward to working with you.

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